Erin Langley is a multimedia artist and illustrator who earned her MLA in Indigenous Mind from Naropa University. She works to create peace and wholeness in the world through fine art, dreams, and holistic healthcare. Erin created to help westerners recover ancestral ways by reinstating the role of community dreaming.

She is currently enrolled in the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley. She paints and dreams in Oakland, California.

Artist's Statement

I paint to feel whole. My art is a vehicle for staying connected to the world. Feeling connected to the Earth, my ancestors, and my dreams enables my creative impetus. In some cases, the art is purgative and sees me through the underworld of our ailing culture. Other times, my works explore the dream world as reality, or the world as a dreamscape. Placing disproportionate emphasis on what is immediately seen touches the root of western imbalance. As a society of diverse people uprooted from our homelands, we have neglected not only our dreams, but darkness and mystery itself. We are denying the very womb of creation.

My art works to restore mystery's place in the human heart. Often my paintings elicit endless shapes and creatures from chaotic landscapes as homage to the natural world, fraught with critters seen and unseen. Every space is alive and accounted for. By rendering imaginary beings, I make them real and recognize a dimension of existence that many people do not access except through their dreams--the shifting and changing reality that is as dependent upon the dreamer as it is independent and alive on its own terms. Sometimes I honor specific dreams, visions, and out-of-body experiences by painting who or what has come to visit. My ultimate goal is to acknowledge art as an emergent property of wholeness. By making the unseen world visible, I foster peace and balance through my creations.

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