These fine art editions are produced for Erin Langley by John Sheridan using state of the art digital inkjet printing. They are true archival pieces, printed with pigment inks on the finest media. John Sheridan specializes in fine art printing and digital archiving of artwork and cultural heritage material for California's leading institutions and artists.

The true value of a print and its status as a work of art, should be based on the quality of the image, materials and the artists level of involvement in the print making process. Erin Langley works directly with John Sheridan to achieve the best possible outcome with each image.

Unlike the 'Giclee' art process that use dye based inks, these prints are truely archival because they are printed with pigments. Oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, lithographs, serigraphs, cave paintings--you name it. They all use pigment-based colour, the only tradition in fine art permanence. Independant testing has proven a colour permanance of 130 years plus, which is what sets this form of printing apart from anything that has gone before.

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Prints of works not listed here are available upon request.

Please send a note regarding which print/s you want to purchase, and send it with a check or money order , including $25 U.S. shipping cost to

Erin Langley Fine Art
6633 Thornhill Dr.
Oakland, CA 94611

Please contact the studio via email:

or phone: (904) 477 - 1245
to order prints or for overseas shipping costs.

Allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.


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